Violin Concertos

By Leslie

From 7 to 8 PM weekday nights, Bill McGlaughlin educates us all on “Exploring Music,” a marvelous program on NPR. This week he is exploring the world’s most famous violin concertos. What memories it brings back! I studied the violin for many, many years. So did my brother. I eventually gave up playing on a regular basis in medical school due to the obvious time constraints imposed by the study of medicine. Oh, I made occasional return forays – in Boston (where I played violin-piano duets with a student of mine), in Maryland (where I joined the amateur symphony orchestra), and rarely thereafter in Missouri. Finally my physical limitations occasioned the sale of my fine “Women’s Italian violin” and bow. But my appreciation of the violin and its music has never flagged.

Last night the Mozart 4th violin concerto aired with “God’s fiddler,” the greatest violinist who ever lived playing it – Jascha Heifitz, achingly beautiful! Oh, how I loved to play that concerto. Oh, how I love to listen to it now. And, after last night’s program, will many, many others.

May 2015

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