Too Much of a Good Thing

By Leslie

I was reading in the paper about folks who take lots and lots of vitamin A and the dangers that poses – to the liver, to the unborn child, to brain and bones and possibly to longevity (e.g., excess Vitamin A may be a carcinogen). It got me to thinking of how we perceive and persist in believing that if a little is good, more – lots more – is better. That clearly is not always the case, whether vitamins or herbal remedies or sunshine.

While living in St Louis, or in Chicago, or Boston, by midwinter I craved sunshine and warmth. We fled – albeit very briefly – to warmer climes in Hawaii and the Caribbean during several years. These brief trips, usually less than seven days, refreshed and restarted us. Now that I live in Tucson I am faced – along with my husband – with a very, very long hot summer. How I would love to escape now to a colder clime. But this is not to be. And I must guard myself from my version of Seasonal Affective Disorder, caused by too much sun.

Perhaps now is the time to take stock – count my blessings and remind myself of the beauty with which I am surrounded, the friends and family I so cherish – and the knowledge that this too shall pass. And, I’ll go back to sipping my lovely herbal tea – just not too much!

July 2016