To England, With Love

By Leslie

I have, for many, many years, been an avowed Anglophobe. Yes, long before “Downton Abbey,” there was Herriot the marvelous English country veterinarian” and before him, there was “Upstairs, Downstairs,” and so it goes, on and on. I dreamed and planned of hiking through the Lake District, eating in an English tavern – and sipping tea in a London hotel. But, ‘twas not to be.

Well – maybe. This past month I was contacted by a British book publisher with a request to review and edit/annotate an upcoming book on infant and early child nutrition. I assented and, although more than a fair amount of work, found it most enjoyable. And, yes, the book’s page proofs were actually over-nighted to me from London. And, yes, yesterday I had the thrill of sending it back via international courier to England. So a bit of me did get to England after all . . .

This morning my cup of English Breakfast Tea tasted extra special – even though ‘twas a very un-English sunny morning!

March 2016