Timing Is Everything

By Leslie

Fall is here, but it is hard to believe. I miss the Fall colors – the vivid reds, yellows and oranges – that graced our yards, roads and parks in Missouri. But, soon enough we hope to have our little tough of Fall color in our yard when our crape myrtle, pomegranate and newly planted pastiche begin to don their Fall colors.

And – we still have lush, blooming bougainvillea, zinnias, cosmos, queen’s wreath, and even roses! Our chrysanthemums promise a future Fall display as well.

In the meantime, “my room” is festooned with potted purple and burnt orange-gold blooming mums and a cut flower or two from our outdoor gardens.

As the saying goes – “If the mountain doesn’t go to Mohammed, then Mohammed shall go to the mountain.” And so, this may not be Vermont, St Louis, MO, or even Mt Lemmon, but it is Fall at (the) Holmes, a glorious one indeed.

October 2019