by Leslie

It is Thursday, three weeks since the LAH Writers Group has met here. I miss them – the “group,” the writings. Hopefully next week we will resume our meetings here.

I know that the group, as voiced by Vicki, is undoubtedly evolving. Change is inevitable; otherwise we stagnate. And although change it must, I do not want the group to end. I have come to look forward to Wednesdays, specifically Wednesday afternoons – even if the meetings are brief and scantily attended. I have found that the writing group serves as an inspiration – to record my thoughts, reminisce about the past, philosophize about the future, and – not of the least importance – to socialize. We are each others’ mutual support, although in the guise of a writing group.

Perhaps we can modify what we do and how we do it. Perhaps new members will join, as one moves away to family and friends. Regardless, no matter how few or how many we are, let’s proceed – to change, but continue as the small, albeit dedicated group we call the LAH Senior Writers.

March, 2013

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