This Was the Week that . . . Wasn’t

By Leslie

The week of August 13th started on the right foot. It was preceded by a lovely, bounteous rain which further enriched our land, and landscape. Sunday morning was perfect – well almost, except for fairly flat tires on my “chariot” (aka wheelchair) bed, which resisted my husband Bill’s efforts at inflation. That did not deter us and “miracle de dieu,” we went to Church . . . a very rare event.

Monday dawned, another day, and the start of weekdays crammed with activities – or so I thought. First call was from my haircutter whose family commitments caused her to postpone my scheduled haircut. Tuesday, our sort-of monthly cleaning person called – family illness prompted her rescheduling to the following week. Tuesday afternoon, my dear friend who was planning to drop by, injured her knee. Need I say more?

I will. This Friday my medical school friend (with advanced lung cancer) had been planning to fly to Tucson for a visit. Oops! She realized that her childhood friend from Hawaii was going to be visiting at that very same time. (Cancer has not slowed Betty Lou down too much!) Southwest Airlines obliged by changing her already purchased tickets for a date in September – and even granted her, the world’s supreme bargain hunter, a $50 refund!

Ah well – I’m just waiting for the call from . . . The Writers!?! Next . . .

August 2017