The Telephone

by Leslie

… You love it; you hate it. All those calls soliciting – your vote, your business, your “continued” support. Whatever happened to the “no Call” listing? We’ve gotten calls from 7 am to (only once, thank goodness) 1:30 am. Wait until the presidential election is over – at least those calls will cease and desist, for another four years.

But, oh how wonderful to hear from friends and family – be they near or far. And if you haven’t seen them for a long while, the more special is the call. We have three children in three different, and distant, cities – St Louis, Philadelphia and Portland, and five grandchildren in two states – Pennsylvania and Oregon. How special it is to hear the words, “Hi grandma.” Oh, how I wish that I could be with them, but I can’t. We’ve all reaped the benefits, but paid the price, for our upward mobility. Our families are spread from east to west, north to south, and sometimes outside the confines of the country. I can’t complain. I’ve moved from a basement tenement to a beautiful home and have a wonderful family and have had an enviable career – teaching and helping others.

I hope that I can still help others – dispel the loneliness they may endure, diminish the pain they may feel, light up a darkened day or two, and pierce the silence in which they may be enveloped. That’s why I will keep on calling. And I hope you will too!

October, 2012

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