The Recorder

By Leslie

The recorder is truly a remarkable and ancient instrument, available for grade schoolers, young and “older” adults to play, to enjoy, and on which to become proficient.

As a young adult, I appreciated its “portability” and it went everywhere with me, from the NY subway to the beach. Later this beautiful German instrument, a gift from my aunt, was “loaned” to my son when he needed an instrument in grade school. When he returned the instrument from school, I took and opened the box containing the cherished instrument from his hands. But, alas, only the bottom half of the recorder was visible. When asked where the other half was, Todd could only return a quizzical look. I should have known better, as this was the very same child who permanently “misplaced” his new winter coat at school, on a very sweaty St Louis afternoon.

Years later I still bemoaned the loss of this instrument. Not to worry, my knight in shining armor, my husband, surprised me with another beautiful instrument, which has since been augmented by another soprano and a sopranino recorder. Whether solo or accompanied, classical or folk music, it is all the sweeter when I think of all the caring that went into its purchase.

October 2014

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