The Lunar Eclipse

By Leslie

Last night I witnessed a spectacular lunar eclipse. And I did so perched on my wheelchair in the middle of the street. It brings to mind our viewing of Halley’s Comet in St. Louis, then from a more vertical position, but also mid-street. (You might just say I am a survivor.) The lunar eclipse was truly awe inspiring. Although I was unable to stay out and see the absolute totality with its brilliant orange-red color, what I saw was absolutely wonderful. And, in more ways than one.

Except for trips to doctor and dentist, I very rarely am outside the confines of our home, so I just loved being outside. In days of yore, my husband and I hiked and walked and gardened together. We loved working together and we loved being in the outdoors. Those days are gone.

But, as Pope Francis said, “who am I . . .,” and I will say, “who am I to complain?” I am in beautiful surroundings, surrounded by the man I love and who loves me. The lunar eclipse was beautiful – and just a reminder of how beautiful life still is.

September 2015