The Grinch in Cyberspace

By Leslie

About a week ago my marvelous little (7”) Samsung Tablet began to malfunction. Many phone calls (to the Samsung Service Center) later, we came to the conclusion that it had a malady that required either a factory repair or replacement. But wait, since by electronics standards my tablet is in dotage, the repair is “out of warranty.” A call to Samsung’s “depot” repair center nearly left me speechless: repair cost – ~$250! A quick call to Best Buy revealed that a new version of this tablet would cost less than $200! Our conclusion – let’s just wait . . . and eventually perhaps purchase a “newbie.”

But . . . the Grinch from Cyberspace was working – now for us. This morning I turned on the tablet and . . . low and behold it was now functioning well, just as before this had happened, before the approximately 4 ½ hours of stressful “playing” with its controls as instructed long distance by the Service Center’s representatives.

Strange things happen in Cyberspace. Who am I to say how and why they happen. I’m just delighted that the Grinch decided to deploy his repair forces to dote on our dowager tablet!

August 2015