The Fourth of July

By Leslie

The 4th of July, a national holiday whose observance transcends all races, all religions, all ethnicities. Yes, Mr. Trump, we are all – except for our Native American citizens – a nation of immigrants, your family included. How wonderful to celebrate our diversity AND at once our unity. That is America. That is July 4th!

Oh how I love to watch fireworks. I was living in St Louis at the time of the bicentennial. What an awe-inspiring celebration was to be had on the waterfront. Fireworks reflected on water are breath-taking.

Last night we watched the D.C. fireworks. They did not disappoint. And we loved the entertainment, reflecting the diverse preferences of us all, ranging from Joshua Bell, violinist, to Chita Rivera, amazing legendary costar of the original West Side Story, to pop, rock and gospel singers whose names are far beyond my ken.

At the end of the evening I was both happy and sad. Happy to have seen a truly patriotic display in our nation’s capital. Sad to have not seen it first hand. But, I really can’t complain. It was literally and figuratively cool to watch first class fireworks from the comfort of our home, with bowls of ice cream nestled in our hands.

July 2018