The Amaryllis

By Leslie

The amaryllis is a plant with gorgeous flowers. My favorite are the original red amaryllis, but they now come in a variety of colors and stripes, literally and figuratively. I’ve always loved these flowers, but in the past there was a barrier to their acquisition . . . money. They are, as plants go, fairly pricey. But what a gorgeous Christmas display if you bring the bulbs out of their dormancy by watering early enough.

My first year of medical school, I met a woman who became my lifelong friend and my son’s godmother. Christmas came and we each knew that it was too much of an extravagance to buy an amaryllis for ourselves. So we each decided to buy a special gift for the other. And what a surprise it was for each of us when we received that most special of gifts . . . an amaryllis . . . from our new most special friend.

And so this year I again was surprised when a former student of mine presented me with two red amaryllises. These flowers continue to surprise and delight and remind us of all the beauty that is Christmas.

December 2014

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