Spring Cleaning! – In Summer!

By Leslie

We have a hall closet that has, over the 25 years we have lived in this house, accumulated everything, well almost everything, from soup to nuts, or more correctly light bulbs to paints to screws. When the point had been reached that I could barely enter this “walk-in” closet, could not reach the shelves by sitting on the rolling stool I use, I cried for help. In reality I “suggested” to my husband that this would be a great spring cleaning project – for the torrid summer months when he is forced indoors to inhabit the air-conditioned non-splendor of our house.

And – he undertook the project with a vengeance – earlier than I had anticipated. It turned out to be on the scale of an archaeological expedition. The contents unearthed ranged from Easter basket supplies, to Christmas wrapping paper, to pool supplies and household cleaning solutions, vacuum cleaner, humidifier, and then some. One cloth bag contained an ‘object’ which brought back incredible memories – it was a clothes steamer given to me by my mother to keep my clothes pressed to the perfection they never seem to obtain. I had never used it. It reminded me of the gloves I had been given by my mom so many years ago – to make me a proper lady.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters happened to call and ask for donations at about the time Bill was completing his “summer project.” You can be sure that some Big Sister is going to be the recipient of an item which may just be what she needs to become a Big “Lady.”

July 2016