Small is Beautiful

By Leslie

A number of years ago there was a very popular book entitled, “Small Is Beautiful.” It was a collection of essays by a British economist. I must admit to never having read it. But oh how I loved the title. I have never been a big person (‘though I am definitely smaller than in former days), so the book’s title had a personal appeal. Now a’ days, I recall the title and apply it to life as it is now – now that I have become quite disabled. I am able from my stationary vantage point to admire, enjoy and cherish the small moments and the large amount of beauty with which I am surrounded – and which I, in previous days, undoubtedly overlooked.

That’s not to say that relatively big things still don’t happen. This past weekend we had a wonderful visit from our daughter and her family (minus her oldest daughter). We were blessed with perfect weather. The Fourth Avenue Street Fair beckoned these Oregonians – deprived of the sun in which we are bathed. They came back, warm, tired, full of purchases – and ready for a swim. The following days were filled with fun, food and an expedition to Sabino Canyon. Lots of mall things, but they sure added up to a totally beautiful visit.

March 2017