Silk Purses and Sows’ Ears

By Leslie

‘Tis said that “you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” Well maybe . . . and maybe not.

To be figurative and literal, I will provide an example. We washed our bathroom curtains, and they shredded in the washing machine. I know now that ten years of east and west sun will destroy the best of fabrics. But, ah, a friend of mine is a seamstress. So lo and behold, we will emerge unscathed, with fresh new curtains to adorn our bathroom windows, once she completes the task.

Likewise, my painful neuropathy just doesn’t let up. Oh yes, I can get depressed when thinking about all the things I cannot do, all the plans that will never reach fruition, all that I keep my husband from doing – especially with me. But . . . I know that I am a more compassionate person, more caring and, with my husband’s assistance, still “productive” . . . albeit in a very small way.

So, no – silk purses do not always emerge from sows’ ears . . . but sometimes, just sometimes, something lovely (hanging from a bathroom window in this instance) may just emerge.

July 2015