By Leslie

I love sales. My son used to say that an item could be marked twice its regular price, but as long as it was labeled with the magic word “SALE,” I would peruse it with the greatest of interest . . . and strongly consider its purchase.

Today a very heavy box was delivered by our wonderful mailman. ‘Twas a treasure trove of books that I had selected from the “sale” catalogs of a favorite book vendor. I just couldn’t resist. There’s a little something for everyone in it – and for many occasions to come.

The pleasure that this purchase gave me cannot, however, be counted in dollars and cents. Several of the books are more beautiful than portrayed in the catalog; one especially – may “necessitate” a preview by its purchaser as it has magnificent photos of historic sites throughout the world, sites which I have encountered in several “Great Courses” I have taken.

So I will continue to enjoy SALES – and hope that there recipients of these SALE purchases derive as much pleasure from them as I have had – both in their ordering as well as in their receipt.

August 2015