by Leslie

On my shelf is a lovely vase containing twelve yellow roses. My husband went shopping yesterday and came home with groceries and … twelve yellow roses. What a surprise. What a delight to behold.

Over the many years we have been married, we have always grown roses. In St. Louis we had old-fashioned, simple roses as well as newer, tea roses. They grew profusely, thriving in the moist climate of the Midwest.

When we moved to Tucson we planted roses – those that ware “guaranteed” to grow in a “blast furnace.” Our Queen Elizabeth has continued to flourish and produce copious pink blooms. Our red roses have met with somewhat less success, but we keep trying.

For many years we grew miniature roses, but alas this year’s extended stretch of greater than 100 degree weather led to their demise. Ah well, we still have “the Queen” and our red Chrysler Imperial – and, for variety – and surprises – our favorite florist, the grocery store.

August 2013

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