Random Thoughts and Wanderings

By Leslie

Not much to relate today – but that’s good. Our (disabled) son will be here during Christmas and New Years and Bill has great plans to visit the Lego exhibit at the TBG and the Christmas displays at the Miniature Museum. Maybe, just maybe, I might view – with them – the wonderful floor-to-ceiling tree at the Arizona Inn.

But regardless, it is a time to be grateful – and that I am.

Dare I mention the smile the news on NPR actually produced on my face this morning? No, ‘tis not an oxymoron – I DID smile and what evoked it was the description of the Daily News Cartoon of Donald Trump decapitating the Statue of Liberty. ‘Tis a reminder of our liberties. And the liberties my family sought as they viewed Lady Liberty en route to N.Y. harbor. While we need to guard our hard-won liberty, we cannot forsake the principles of liberty on which our nation is grounded.

December 2015