by Leslie

A poem has been described as a “message in a bottle,” for each and every one of us to discover. I have always loved poetry and, like the pilgrims setting forth, have repeatedly rediscovered the beauty and the power of this form.

As a child my mother transmitted her love of poetry to me. She relished poetry; she read poetry and, as she did throughout her life, wrote poetry. Poetry transports its readers to another time and place. When I was a teenager, I would take a book of poetry literally to the water’s edge (in New York Botanical Gardens) and allow myself to be transported by the words that I read.

Throughout my adult life I have continued to read poetry – whether to myself or aloud. My husband shares this appreciation of poetry and, not infrequently, reads special poems to me. We have also occasionally gathered fellow poetry lovers and poets for an afternoon or evening of poetry reading, opening new vistas for each of us.

Yes, knowledge of the nuts and bolts – the mechanics – of poetry leads to a somewhat greater enjoyment of poems. But ‘tis not necessary to become an expert in the field. Just pick up a poem, read it, relish it, savor it, and rediscover the message that it conveys to you.

July 2013

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