Please–and Thank You

by Leslie

Times change; customs change … but what sounds good, feels good never changes. “Please” ― and “Thank You” ― two expressions that never go out of style. Or have they? We so rarely hear them anymore.

I was reminded of these wonderful words on, of all things, Halloween night. Early in the evening some cute and very young trick-or-treaters came to our door with parents in tow. After they were given their treats, they sang out their “Thank yous.” Oh, how sweet the sound. To be sure, they may have been prompted beforehand, but ― what’s wrong with that? It’s never too early ― or too late ― to be reminded. How can one know without being taught ―and without practice?

Oh yes, expectations have changed; a sense of entitlement is in the air. Yet it really still is as great a pleasure to give as it is to receive. So ― what’s wrong with giving a little “Thank you” once in a while? Anyone can do it. Perhaps with enough practice it might just come spontaneously, naturally, and feel just as good as the getting.

And ― THANK YOU for taking the time to transcribe, read and listen to my musings, whatever their subject, including those on ― “Please and Thank You.”

November, 2012

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