Plaudits for a hometown newspaper

By Leslie

As a frequent and vocal critic of the Arizona Daily Star, I must, nevertheless, underscore the sentiments of the author of a recent Letter to the Editor. We are fortunate and so appreciative to still be able to read a daily newspaper, a newspaper with local, national, and international news.

No, I do not think that an article entitled, “The Bishop’s Baubles”, about the “yard sale” of St Augustine Church items, worthy of front-page coverage. Nor is a news item on El Charro’s menu a reason for any coverage – especially on the front page.

On the other hand, educational / teacher / funding issues, health and drug insurance, political and immigration issues – have all been subjects of solid, in-depth reporting.

And what fun on Sundays to read about our local libraries and garner suggestions for books (while you wait” for the best sellers. While newspapers provide entertainment (what would the Sunday paper be without the Comics and Slylock?), the perpetuation of a democracy is contingent upon an informed public who can obtain “real” news. And the Arizona Daily Star provides just that.

August 2019