By Leslie

Pisces . . . the zodiac sign that is so perfect for me. I love the water and all that it supports, especially fish.

My dad was a superb sculptor and one of his earliest works was a magnificent fish made especially for me. It is beautifully graceful in form . . . its mouth is open, soft and almost liquid; its eyes ever alert to the world. I have always loved this fish. My daughter has the original carving in stone and I have the bronze cast. May they both forever endure!

Once upon a time I was a swimmer and used to vouch that it was as good for my psyche as it was for my soma. Now-a-days swimming is just a memory. My psyche must receive its nourishments from other sources. My soma – well, that’s another story. Yet I can continue to gaze upon my fish – admire its beauty, marvel at the talent that went into its creation and the loving hands and heart with which it was crafted.

February 2015

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