By Leslie

Much has been written about pain – emotional pain and physical pain. Emily Dickinson described it best:

“Pain has an element of blank
It cannot recollect
When it began, or if there were
A day when it was not.”

I have pain, severe and disabling pain. It can dominate your life, or you can try – as I do – to work through or despite it. No, I cannot escape the painful disease that has kept me housebound, but I can try to have a meaningful life – with, of course, the assistance of family and friends.

But, as you know, ‘tis difficult to give to others the opportunity to gather their “white pebbles” (as so well described by our jefe, Vicki) – but no matter, ‘tis not impossible. And perhaps I too gather the while pebbles when I make my friendly phone calls or send the “condolence letters” for out church. No matter. I am not counting – and I know neither are you. I just try to keep smiling – because when I do, so to paraphrase Emily Dickinson, the “pain . . . is not.”

July 2014

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