Oreos to the Rescue

By Leslie

‘Tis said, “The best laid plans . . .” Well, I had lots of them – for Bill, that is, on the day of my surgery. He was not going to waste his time waiting around for me. First, he was going to go to the hospital lab to get his blood drawn for his monthly clotting study. The, he was going to scoot over to the Physical Therapy department and hence have lunch in the hospital cafeteria, finally returning to the surgery waiting area – where I would be ready and waiting for him.

Note the past tenses used above. Alas, unlike previous occasions, there was an enormous wait for his blood test this Friday before the Memorial Day weekend, and he left, without the test, after 1 ½ hours. The physical therapy department was not within a reasonable distance – as he was pushing my empty custom wheelchair from which he did not wish to be separated. And the cafeteria – forget it!

Oh, but after a tad of encouragement from me before we left the house that morning, he had packed a brunch of Oreo cookie packages in his bag “just in case he got the munchies before lunch – and after.” So mid-morning, at lunch time, and during the long afternoon wait for me to emerge, virtually all of the Oreo cookies were slowly consumed – with just one exception.

After we finally arrived home that evening – and the subsequent day – no chocolate adorned our meals. Call it mini-aversion therapy, if you wish. However, I am happy to report that by the day of our friend’s wedding, three days after my surgery, her delicious chocolate wedding layer cake was consumed with gusto!

June 2017