On Letters

by Leslie

I write letters – not emails (well, maybe occasionally) – but letters sent on writing paper, some very beautiful, through the much maligned U.S. mail.

Why write letters? To celebrate special occasions (such as birthdays), to share good news, and occasionally sad or bad news as well. Most of all I write to express thoughts and relate events to friends and family. The United States is a wonderful country, offering freedoms hardly dreamed of by our founding fathers. One of these freedoms is that of mobility, engendered by educational and career pursuits. I have traveled from my birthplace in New York City to medical school in Chicago, to residency training in Boston, to postgraduate training in Washington DC, to my first “real” job in St Louis, and finally to Tucson. Along the way I have made special friends with whom I wish to keep in touch. It would be a shame for distance to disrupt the cherished bonds of friendship. So, I occasionally call, but most often I write letters.

If all we did was correspond by email, one electric outage, one delete button inadvertently pushed, would be all that was necessary to abolish a bond, albeit temporarily, between two simpatico souls. So I’ll keep writing, and hope that you will too!

August, 2012

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