On hearing “Amahl and the Night Visitors”

By Leslie

On Saturday, January 9th, my husband Bill and I attended a performance of “Amahl and the Night Visitors.” Commissioned by NBC, this one-act opera was a first: the first American Opera specifically composed for television, and the first Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation ever.

Inspired by stories heard during his childhood in Italy, Gian Carlo Menotti created this opera for children 66 years ago! It is still as beautiful and transporting today as it was when first televised (in black and white), and appeals both to children and adults. In fact, the audience on Saturday was comprised primarily of adults, even though we attended an afternoon performance.

What a shame – children who do not see or hear this musical work will miss the humor, the graceful story, and, of course, the beautiful music. But most of all, those not present will miss the enduring message of hope.

And, in fact, this opera presentation marked another first – my first foray to a performance (albeit brief – less than an hour) since last April. ‘Tis a testimony of persistence (by my husband) and of hope (on both our parts)!

January 2016