of Tweets and Clouds . . . and all manner of things

By Leslie

This past weekend we had a wonderful, albeit far-too-brief, visit from my son and his daughter. They arrived early Saturday afternoon, having driven down from Phoenix, and left all-too-soon on Monday morning. So much to pack in before they returned o Philadelphia.

Between trips to Bookman’s and cooling dips in the pool, we talked and we talked and we talked. I had lots of questions as well – not only about my 14 year old granddaughter’s school year and end of school year plans, but also about the world in which she – not I – grew up – the world of smart phones, tablets and . . . the cloud. I learned about sound clouds and, best of all, enlarging pictures on YouTube so that I may view the wonderful Ancient Roman Architecture/Art History fall course with full screen. It is a whole new vocabulary for me.

But still I cannot keep from wondering, what has happened to the wonders of nature – the clouds in the sky (so welcome especially now during our hottest month), the tweets not of computers or I-phones, but of birds, the streams of water (so welcome in the desert), not of movies or TV programs. Yes, there are marvels of this electronic/computer age, but let us not forget the greatest marvels of all – those that surround us on a daily basis, and which are so apt (not app 🙂 ) to take for granted.

June 2015