Of Giving and Forgiving

By Leslie

I have often reread the ancient Sanskrit saying so graciously proffered by Vicki – “. . . may the thoughts, words and actions of my life contribute to the happiness and freedom for all.” What a wonderful sentiment – powerful and powerfully hard to live by.

As I have become more disabled, I feel that I have so little to give, and the little gets progressively less with time. Yet, a smile, a word of encouragement for friends, family and acquaintances, the opening of our home to others – perhaps all that is creating a ripple of happiness. A condolence note to a grieving individual may also lessen the pain of the loss of a loved one. Finally, the support of a precious resource, The Poetry Center, may also contribute to the springs of happiness of others.

At the same time I give, I must forgive. That is even harder, especially the forgiving of myself. I have been listening to audio books about the Amish. Forgiving is one of the cornerstones of their society; forgiving both of themselves and others. Another simple belief – simple and simply difficult, but ever so divinely inspired. To err is human; to forgive is divine.

June 2015

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