No April Fools

By Leslie

April 1 was a day that neither Bill no I will forget. It was the day on which he severely injured his right leg, inviting a cascade of severe medical problems that have persisted for more than one month. But, now more than four weeks later, I am happy to report that he is nearly recovered, although not yet driving.

I have been overwhelmed by the generosity, caring and support of friends and fellow parishioners. We have received soups, fruit bowls, dessert bars, and ever so much more – loans of walker and rides – and most importantly, the moral support we so greatly needed.

When families are separated by thousands of miles, we create new surrogate families. Friends become sisters with whom one can share ups and downs, and, as much as we are hesitant, from whom we can ask for and get help. They all “lend (many) a hand.”

I am so grateful, so blessed – and now so happy to be rejoining LAH Senior Writers. You were missed! And now ‘tis my turn to lend what I can to my fellow writers, albeit ever so trivial, my home, to share with all.

May 2016