My Turn

by Leslie

I thought that I could keep writing forever, never run out of topics, never run out of things to say. Well, I was wrong. Just as Vicki and Jim have written about their “writer’s blocks,” so too am I.

Perhaps it is a reflection of my very limited world. I have been housebound for two years. Oh yes, I have had visits from friends and former colleagues. I have, with my husband’s assistance, continued to edit a pediatric journal, and even continued to make phone calls (“friendly phone calls” – FP) for Lend-A-Hand. But the “outside world” beckons me as even my “inside world” has become more circumscribed as my hands object to use.

So, we are going to buy a van. Not that I can sit in a wheelchair – the special wheelchair comes next. But at least I will get out – perhaps lie in the park when the weather cools off; perhaps visit a friend. Then I will have something to write about – many things – the beauty of the outside world we so take for granted … until we lose our ability to go out into it.

So, stay tuned. There will be no writer’s block in the very near future.

August, 2013

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