My Custom Auto Job

by Leslie

Winter is a treacherous season, especially for drivers, especially in St Louis. St Louis, more than any city I’ve lived in, seems to specialize in . . . ice. One ice-slicked evening as I was driving home from work, my old (even at that time) 1980 Ford Fairmont was rear-ended. The driver was so apologetic, I just had to accept his apologies, and we went our separate ways. Unfortunately, my fender and taillights had been “re-contoured” and new replacements were mandated. And, even more unfortunately, the Ford Fairmont hadn’t been manufactured since the year I had purchased it, nearly ten years previously; parts were vanishingly hard to obtain. So I hobbled home with these gloomy thoughts in mind.

Not to worry . . . As I turned on to our street, a neighbor who worked in his uncle’s junk yard . . . and almost continuously, on cars in his expansive driveway, saw me . . . and the car. (I had once, in fact, reassured Ron’s wife that ‘twas better to have a love affair with cars than with another woman!) But, not to digress – he hailed me down, surveyed the damage . . . and promised to repair the car with parts scrounged from the junkyard, and right in his driveway.

And so it came to pass that I had a custom car repair, virtually in my own backyard.

March 2014

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