by Leslie

We just finished watching the DVD of “Anna Karenina.” I read Tolstoy’s masterpiece as a teenager and remember how fascinated I was by the multiple, intertwining plots. I remain awed by the novel in its new and highly creative form – a play within a movie. Isn’t that what movies, especially the best, inspire?

A good movie, of course, is engrossing and entertaining. It may be visually beautiful – or stark. It transports us, at times, to another world – and, yet, it may instill greater appreciation of our world – the ties that bind us, the people important to us, the environment so integral to our very beings.

We do not go to the movie theater anymore – we haven’t for years. We wait until the movies are released onto DVDs. Then, having read reviews, and spoken to my personal movie “aficionado” – my brother, we reserve the movie at the public library, or occasionally rent it from our locally owned video store. Yes, there is Netflix, but – at least for now – we will continue to utilize and support our local venues. Isn’t that what built America? – And isn’t that yet another benefit of “going to” the movies – at home?!

December 2013

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