by Leslie

We are in the midst of our monsoon season, or so they tell me. We really haven’t had much rain this year, mostly what I call “cloud sweat!” Oh yes, we have had a couple of very short-lived cloud bursts, not enough to refill our aquifers, (i.e., replenish our depleted water supply), or even fill a bird bath or two.

I love the rain – always did. My daughter lives in Oregon where rain, especially during the winter, is a common occurrence. The roses are gorgeous and prolific, the waterfalls abundant, and the trees huge and flourishing. My husband, recently returned from a trip to Portland, says that even the zoo is uniquely set within a rain forest.

When we first moved to Tucson, we were greeted by abundant rains. July 1990 was a banner month for monsoons. As the years have gone by, it seems to me our rains, both summer and winter, have diminished. These are warning signs — we must take heed. All life depends on water – we really must be better conservationists, both individually and on a national level, and be realistic. Do we really need vast green lawns in the desert? Perhaps a postage stamp-sized patch of green to satisfy the needy amongst us. And for those who need all the green, that Phoenix has depleted our water supply for, I have advice: move onward and upward. Tucson is a wonderful, medium-sized city, and that will keep it so!

July 2013

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