Mobile Meals

By Leslie

Did you ever hear of “Mobile Meals of Tucson”? No, I don’t mean “Meals on Wheels.” I really mean “Mobile Meals.” I’ve started to volunteer for them and I would like to give them a little, well-deserved “PR.” Many do not know about this primarily volunteer organization, including those who would benefit from their services.

Started over 40 years ago, they deliver two meals per day, five days per week to homebound individuals. What is unique about “Mobile Meals,” distinguishing it from the federally-funded “Meals on Wheels,” is the catering to many individuals with special dietary needs. Thus referrals come from renal dialysis units and medical professionals, as well as the clients and their family members. Meals for patients with diabetes, end-stage kidney disease, ulcer disease, etc., are created in the kitchens of Tucson hospitals and assisted living facilities. Volunteer drivers distribute the meals to individuals who pay from $3 to $8 per day. (Each meal costs “Mobile Meals” about $11, with rare exceptions.)

With cutbacks in government services in place – and more, undoubtedly to come – organizations like “Mobile Meals” need our support. They’ve got mine.

January 2014

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