Miracles Really Do Happen

By Leslie

This past weekend I had a visit from a woman who I met the very first day of Medical School, almost 50 years ago! She has been a dear friend since and became my son’s godmother. Almost three years ago she was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer and because she has a rare type of cancer susceptible to newer immunologically-active, chemotherapeutic agents, she is with us today – and was with me the last four days! Amazing!! She is not cured, but she is living a good life, seeing and being with friends and family.

Yes, American medicine is ridiculously costly; physicians are in short supply; drugs are incredibly overprices. But sometimes, just sometimes, advances propelled by research produce what can only be termed . . . miracles, or so they seem to me.

So, as Thanksgiving rolls around, I feel grateful for many, many things – and people. And one, just one, is the miracle of my friend’s peaceful – or not so, at times – coexistence with her cancer. And existence is both precious and a miracle.

November 2015