by Leslie

I have always been “spatially challenged” (although not quite as severely as a good friend who got lost going from our bedroom door to our gate!). Thus maps have only occasionally held my interest – briefly in high school and while navigating during my husband and my car trips. That is until now – I have become entranced by maps and atlases, especially those showing ancient, biblical sites. History comes alive when you know where the events took place. No matter if there is debate about whether and/or where the site existed.

This morning this NPR junkie had her morning cup “runneth over.” A discussion of a paper newly published in the journal “PLOS” (Public Library of Science) revealed the possibility that maps may have existed 9000 years ago. A Turkish mural that to all appearances is “map-like” has now been archeologically confirmed to date from that time period. Amazing!

Although I cannot eradicate the inherent challenges that geography pose for me, I will continue (as would any good physician) to remediate this deficiency. And – what more painless remedy than a well-drawn map!

February 2014

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