By Leslie

My friend, Jim Kennedy, recently told me how much he enjoys getting mail. So do I! It is more than a link to the outside world. Of course, I love getting letters from friends and family. I love to catch up on the events in their lives, their plans for the future, and even their suggestions for good books and fun movies. At this time of year, and henceforth, the catalogs increase in number and so does the fun of choosing Christmas and birthday gifts for friends and loved ones. The mail also brings with it the medical journals I feel compelled to read, in order to remain in touch with my profession and a knowledgeable editor. Sure, we also receive fun, entertaining magazines and newspapers – perhaps one too many to give each their due appreciation. But that’s okay. Maybe next year we won’t renew all of them. Or, we might even succumb to temptation and subscribe to even more.

Now, you can keep the “junk mail” and bills, the solicitations and what seems like an endless supply of address labels. But, keep the cards coming. And by the way, take the time to say “Thank you” to the mailman, without whom this all would not be possible.

November 2013

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