By Leslie

I am a list maker – so is my husband. Anything goes on our lists. But there is a difference. When something goes on my “list” I feel compelled to act on it in a relatively short time. When something goes on my husband’s list, it becomes infected with the ‘mañana’ bug.

As I grow older my lists become a more integral and important part of my day – and night. No, the night time hours are not immune to list making. I even have a pad and pen by my bed. Originally put there when I was an active physician, I would jot down late night thoughts, new diagnostic or therapeutic possibilities for my patients. More often now, I write down an idea or something I forgot to do or say that I want to ‘remember’ in the new day. I know that if I don’t write it down, I will keep thinking about it all night long. So what better sleeping potion than a pad and pen by the bedside?

Now, back to my husband who I was just ‘reminding’ of something that needs doing. He tells me not to worry, after all – it’s on his “to do list”, one of many lists which now adorn his desk. Pretty soon he will undoubtedly have a “master list of lists.”

June 2016