Like Mother, Like Daughter

By Leslie

I have been increasingly vexed by the billing practices (not to mention the reporting) of the Arizona Daily Star. But, I am, nonetheless, dedicated (or shall we say addicted?) to reading the daily paper – and on paper! This morning, after yet another frustrating telephone call with their Customer (Dis-)Service, I became extremely agitated. My husband suggested that I call the Publisher, and so I did. What followed was based on sheer luck. As his secretary was out of the office, he returned the call! We had a marvelous conversation on a wide range of topics. I doubt that his mind is greatly changed, but I did give him some food for thought. And I, well I could almost, just about dance in place.

As I reviewed the morning’s events – buoyed for hours after the call – I reminisced about a similar chain of events that took place over 50 years ago! To make a very long story short, I applied for, and, to my surprise, won a NY State nursing scholarship while in college. When I excitedly informed my mother of my prize, she retorted, “Didn’t you always want to be like Albert Schweitzer or Tom Dooley – doctors?” I replied that you had to take a test, the MCATs, before medical school applications. That test was imminent and I had not even registered, much less studied for it. She instructed me to ascertain the “head” of the MCATs – and I did. She happened to call when his screening personnel were at lunch, and in her very unique and persuasive fashion, convinced him to allow my late registration. Every one of my mother’s friends in our apartment building chipped in for the sizable fee. And so I took the MCATs – and you all know the rest of the story. Off to the University of Chicago Medical School I went the following year.

As they say – “Like Mother, like Daughter!”

September 2017