By Leslie

July has come – and so has the promise of monsoons. When we moved to Tucson on July 4th, 1990, we were welcomed by a drenching rain (so-called by us Missourians), otherwise known in Arizona as the monsoon. It felt wonderful, except when the rain soaked our belongings. Over the years the so-called “dry heat” has evaporated, and so have the monsoons. But we will pray to the rain gods for this glorious giver of life – and respite from soaring temperatures – the monsoon.

But there is more to July than the weather. My son and his son are coming for a flying visit from Philadelphia, both literally and figuratively, the third week of this month. And of course, this Friday is July 4th – a glorious day – and, once upon a time, a day to view gorgeous fireworks outdoors. I continue to enjoy this man-made spectacle, which tries valiantly to mimic nature’s spectacles, but now from the confines of our home. We have seen both the Capital 4th as well as Boston fireworks on our TV. There is much to rue in the world today – wars, famine, pestilence – but also so much to celebrate, including LAH Senior Writers – and on July 4th may we all take the time to do so!

July 2014

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