July 4th!

By Leslie

July 4th IS a special day – no matter where I am or how I am – it is special. In days gone by we used to view fireworks – live – whether in St Louis or Tucson. Nowadays we “settle” for watching fireworks on TV, PBS to be specific. I love fireworks and the display in our capital, with the backdrop of the various Washington monuments, never fails to inspire awe and wonder in me.

Once again I am reminded that, despite its flaws and all the sad and sometimes horrific events that have transpired over the last several years, I am proud of this country, proud to be an American. And if it takes fireworks to remind us of all the stars and stripes stand for, so be it ‘Twas a lovely 4th and in fact another anniversary as well – of our arrival in Tucson, 25 years ago!

July 2015