July 4th!

By Leslie

I love July 4th! It is one of those universal holidays – like Thanksgiving and Memorial Day – that transcends all races, all religions, all beliefs, and can be celebrated by the able-bodied and the disabled, young and old.

In former days I loved to watch the fireworks “live.” A special treat while living in St Louis was watching a phenomenal celebration of the U.S. bicentennial live on the water front with fireworks gloriously reflected in the water of the Mississippi. In Tucson, for the first years we were here, we watched the fireworks display put on by the Tucson Racquet Club. But . . . then they ceased. For awhile we watched the A Mountain fireworks from afar. Now . . . we observe the incredibly moving fireworks – July 4th Celebration – televised on PBS.

Although, not the same as watching fireworks live, fireworks seen on PBS are always a reminder of how great this country was and is, regardless of the destructive political rhetoric heard so often during this election year. They also remind us to support that outstanding source of information and entertainment – PBS, a network “of the people, by the people, and for the people!”

July 2016