I’m all writ out

By Leslie

I’ve been co-editing an AAP journal for a number of years. Each month I review, edit, and often write an editorial regarding the article to be published. The work is time-consuming, but rewarding. And, at the very least, it keeps my knowledge very up-to-date . . . and certainly keeps my neuron synapses buzzing.

The quality of the contributions varies greatly – from well-written, clever, and sometimes almost amusing commentaries, to, you guessed it, commentaries that just plain “miss the mark,” to put it mildly.

This month was no different, but, for a number of reasons, the number of articles was greater, and so was the work, with the unfortunate complications of major difficulties in “cyber space.” But, as of today, they will be done – well almost.

Thence the call in one week with my co-editor to review and prioritize all articles. But the hard work is done.

So, you see, I am “all writ out,” and all I can do is wish everyone A JOYOUS HOLIDAY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR.

December 2017