Happy New Year!

By Leslie

Yesterday my husband went to a New Year’s dinner party, and although there were some positive moments, they were rare. Negative comments about Banner-UMC, our schools, our “leader” dominated the discussion.

Now, had I been able to attend, I, a generally private person about my health, would have pointed out the excellent diagnostic and therapeutic care I received this past year when breast cancer was diagnosed and surgically treated. I would have commented that the schools are underfunded, yet have some incredibly dedicated teachers – and volunteers – such as my husband.

And most apropos at this moment, I would have pointed out the sunshine and warmth in which we are currently bathed in Tucson. Admittedly, we deserve it after five long months of torrid, often triple digit weather. But – what’s fair is fair!

And despite my increased disability which so restricts and frustrates me, I am the recipient of such largesse – from friends, colleagues and family. Everything from the littlest to larger gifts surprise and delight me – from socks to sipping chocolate and books, from plants to pajamas, and more.

Maybe, just maybe, it is time to say Happy New Year and count our blessings – even as we work towards enabling others to share those blessings as well!

January 2018