Greeting Cards

by Leslie

I have extolled the virtues of letters previously, but, until now, I have failed to relate the importance of cards. As I lie upon my futon I stare out at a sea of beautiful, imaginative, and ever-so –meaningful cards. They have been sent to me by friends and family to cheer me, to wish me a “Happy Mother’s Day”,” and just to remind me that, although I no longer walk about in the world, although I no longer teach or tend to ailing bodies as a practitioner of medicine, I still am remembered, cared for and about. They reinforce the meaning of my life.

Greeting cards have somehow become obsolete in many people’s minds – but not in mine. The beauty of a card surpasses any e-mail greeting that I have received, and the touch and feel of the paper on which they are printed imports a sense of permanence, a quality with which we seek to imbue our lives.

Amidst the expanse of cards lie a bouquet or two of flowers. Beauty writ in nature; beautiful thoughts recorded on paper. I am truly blessed and shall try, mo mater the physical pain I endure, to see the beauty of the pictures and words before me. For they are sent with love and truly received with love.

And isn’t that the most important message of all?

May, 2013

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