By Leslie

Grass – some folks think it should be destroyed as all it does is consume water. Well, we have preserved one small square of grass behind our house. It is wonderful to wake up in the morning and not only gaze at the gorgeous bouquets of intertwined salmon-colored bougainvillea, pink queen’s wreath and orange cosmos, but also our patch of green grass. No, it is not always green, but thanks to the monsoon it now is. I am not a desert rat. I do love green.

But there is another grass about which my husband has taught me and with which he has bequeathed me: wild grasses. He has obtained many delicate specimens on his hikes. They are now settled in vases around the house. They are lovely; I love their appearance and for my husband they are wonderful reminders of hikes long ago taken.

So, vast lawns are not necessary and perhaps even criminal in these days of water shortages. But, small “postage stamp” sized expanses of green, watered by Mother Nature, are a welcomed vista, as are the delicate fronds of wild grasses now residing in our home.

September 2014

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