It’s So Easy

By Leslie

It’s so easy . . . . to lie around doing nothing. But . . . . what is easy neither does you nor the world any good. Oh how I wish I could sit, stand or walk – but I can’t. So I try to contribute in my very small, oft ineffectual way. I make LAH calls, write condolence letters, edit, and do lots of reading.

I have to admit, however, that I am addicted: I’ve discovered free courses on the internet (via You Tube). I’ve viewed courses given by Yale Professors to Mo State University Professors. The quality of the latter does not quite live up to that of the former, but they are both enriching and enlightening.

My son’s Godmother came to Tucson for a visit this past weekend. She is an amazing woman, a retired surgeon, who has volunteered with Doctors Without Borders. Currently fighting lung cancer, her addiction is a computer game called “FreeCell.” As my mother would say, “Each to his own.” I’ll keep reading and “auditing” courses; Betty Lon will keep playing “FreeCell.” You never can tell, though, and just one of these days she too may become a long-distance scholar. And I – I may just once again be able to sit.

October 2014

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