By Leslie

I just had a simply glorious weekend, and most of it was spent on a futon! My three grandchildren from Portland came with our daughter and her husband. They range in age from 8 through 13 and viva la difference! The 13 year old is very 13 years old. She is gorgeous (and that is not prejudice speaking) and a talented dancer; but oh so isolated and struggling. As the expression, oft repeated by my father, “She is her own worst enemy.” The 8 and 11 year olds, girl and boy respectively, are simply playful and fun, and well exemplify the expression, “Out of the mouths of babes.

We created and played more word games than you can imagine, and that is all the more remarkable as the 11 year old boy has such learning difficulties. But he is goodness personified, loved and loving. What more can a grandma ask for?

Well, to be honest, to be healthy enough to see the children ever so much more. But then, I am blessed to have the children and grandchildren in the first place. So how can I complain?!

November 2013

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