Grandchildren – again

by Leslie

It has been more than a year since I wrote about the visit of my three grandchildren from Portland, Oregon. And now it is time to share the delicious visit I had with my two grandchildren from Philadelphia.

Grandchildren are truly a blessing; and this was a visit made in heaven. Sydney, age 12, and her 14 year old brother Lucas brought joy and fun for all to brief a time, a long weekend. We played; we shared experiences . . . and lots of food. I had forgotten just how much teenage boys can consume – but we were prepared. As always, they made a trek over to Bookman’s, returning laden with the treasures they had found. After the long, cold winter the Northeast has endured this year, the “Changer of Commerce weather” (to quote my daughter-in-law) of Tucson this April weekend was a gift for which they, too, were grateful. And the pool beckoned – finally getting the attention it had once bathed in!

All too soon ‘twas time for all to depart. They headed northward – to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. We reveled in the memories of a visit – all too short, but oh so very sweet. “Come again soon,” I say. And oh do I ever mean it! For they are the children and grandchildren one can be proud of – bright and most importantly, kind and thoughtful. I have been blessed.

April 2014

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