Freebies are Fun

By Leslie

Who doesn’t like getting “something for nothing?” And when the “something” is enjoyable, that makes it all the more special. The free publications, The Desert Leaf and the Tucson Weekly, come to mind immediately. The Weekly has articles and stories you just won’t find anywhere else, often showing the seamy side of politics and the plight of the disenfranchised. And their restaurant reviews mince no words. The Desert Leaf has a panoply of articles on topics from explaining the oceans’ depth to microbreweries and micro-housing; and they are well illustrated.

My fascination with freebies is not limited to free literature” (if that be the eponym with which you wish to grace the periodicals). Like my aunt, with whom I closely identified, I have been an inveterate contest participant, primarily those aimed at acquiring movie and other performance tickets by calling in to an NPR station. And I have won – on rare occasions. Years ago I even entered an Arizona Daily Star contest – and won. The only problem was the prize I received, two books for wine connoisseurs, a club of which I am not a member. But the fun was in the winning. And who can deny it – all freebies are fun.

February 2016